(all honest to goodness quotes from District staff)

Reclamation District No. 108

Reclamation District No. 108

“Seeing real time flow from the RemoteTracker ensures accurate field deliveries.”

“The Bluetooth range is HUGE.”

“The RemoteTracker has simplified water measurement for the District operators.”

“The automated wireless data transfer provides me assurance that each event is logged and eliminates manual input time and errors.”

“The system operators adjust the delivery gates accurately using the real time flow display.”

“The real time flow rate display has eliminated the need for charts and measurements, making flow rate adjustments easy for the system operators.”

“Navigation through the user interface is simple and quick.”

“The value of the data management program is priceless.”

“The operators are fully onboard with the RemoteTracker system.”

“The GPS auto-location feature finds the desired delivery gate every time. Every time.”

Richvale Irrigation District

“I like being able to pull up to a gate and automatically see the field name, any pending orders and the last measured flow.”

“Putting the wireless water velocity sensor in there (the pipe outfall) and being able to measure the flow is great.”

“The RemoteTracker keeps the gray area out of flow measurement.”

“The flow history report helps answer growers’ questions about previous delivery rates.”