SBx7-7 Compliance

Is the RemoteTracker system compliant with SBx7-7?

The short answer is – yes, in many cases it is.

But, seeing that we are engineers, you probably won’t get away with a short answer.  Click here to download a peer reviewed article detailing the uncertainty analysis summarized below.  If you are interested in the long answer, give us a call and we would be glad to dive into additional detail.

The accuracy requirements of the Agricultural Water Measurement regulation (California Code of Regulations Title 23 Section 597  or CCR 23 §597) apply to delivery volumes, not flow rate.  Volumetric accuracy is a function of the accuracy of your velocity, cross-section flow area in duration measurements.  Additionally, upstream and downstream water level fluctuations can impact overall volumetric accuracy.

Based on a series of detailed uncertainty analyses, the following percent accuracies were developed for the RemoteTracker system:

  • Average pipe velocity: 3.7% (this includes typical impacts associated with fluctuating upstream and downstream water levels)
  • Cross-section flow area: 2.0%
  • Delivery duration: 1.5%

RemoteTracker Accuracy: 4.5% (sum of the squares square rooted)

As you can see, the percent accuracy in volume is computed as 4.5%.  This is good enough for both the laboratory certification and the field inspection accuracy certification methodologies established in CCR 23 §597.