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North State Entrepreneurs Innovate for Efficient Water Use

A recent article in the Central Valley Business Times (CVBT) highlights how three companies, one being H2oTech, are helping to make better use of water in California. The following is an excerpt from the article. Great ideas gel inside garages. Hewlett-Packard has immortalized the garage used by its founders. Apple Computer also started in one.…
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MobileTracker Pilots in 2014

H2oTech is excited about the 2014 MobileTracker pilot projects that are currently in the works. Please contact us if your agency is interested in pilot testing the MobileTracker during 2014. Happy New Year!!!

USCID Denver Conference

H2oTech and Mobile Canal Control exhibited two innovative hydrologic monitoring devices, the MobileTracker and RemoteTracker at the USCID conference in Denver to an international audience of agricultural water management experts.   The exhibition generated a steady stream of interest from conference participants, both during a pre-conference workshop for mobile applications, and during conference exhibition hours…
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MobileTracker – Measure With A Single Click.

Introducing MobileTracker; a game changing monitoring innovation developed in partnership with Mobile Canal Control, a Delft University of Technology spin-off company. Measure with a single click. With MobileTracker, a water systems operator or hydrographer can take a field measurement by simply taking a picture; the rest is done automatically. Gone are the days of writing information on…
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Reclamation District No. 108’s Measurement Program Highlighted In New NRDC – Pacific Institute Report

A new report released by the Pacific Institute and NRDC highlights Reclamation District No. 108’s measurement program.  In addition to emphasizing Turlock Irrigation District’s water recycling program, and Alta Irrigation District’s volumetric billing program, the report states: “Reclamation District 108 in Colusa County is phasing in new water measurement devices (RemoteTracker System) to allow them…
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Irrigation Leader Magazine Highlights RemoteTracker in ‘Innovators’ Section

The ‘Innovators‘ section on pages 36 and 37 of the April edition of Irrigation Leader Magazine provides an overview of the RemoteTracker system, in addition to information about the pilot projects successfully completed in three Northern California irrigation districts during the 2012 irrigation season.  You can also view a two page PDF of the article…
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USCID Arizona Conference Exhibition

H2oTech is pleased to be exhibiting at the United States Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (USCID) Seventh International Conference on Irrigation and Drainage in Phoenix, Arizona.  The conference theme is ‘Using 21st Century Technology to Better Manage Irrigation Water Supplies.’  A paper titled ‘“Spot” Measurements of Flow Rate Can Be “Good Enough” for California’s Heightening Agricultural Measurement Requirements’ will…
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USBR, DWR and ITRC Measurement Tour

Officials from the US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR), the Department of Water Resources (DWR) and the Cal Poly Irrigation Training and Research Center (ITRC) toured Reclamation District No. 108 to learn about how the District is addressing California’s heightened agricultural delivery measurement requirements (i.e. SBx7-7) with the RemoteTracker system.

RemoteTracker Featured in Chico Enterprise Record Article

Click here to view recent article published in the Chico Enterprise Record on February 25th.  The article highlights the RemoteTracker as the preferred farm gate measurement method for Reclamation District No. 108, Biggs-West Gridley Water District and Richvale Irrigation District.

California Irrigation Institute Conference Exhibition

H2oTech had the pleasure of exhibiting the RemoteTracker this Monday and Tuesday (2/4 and 2/5) at the 51st Annual California Irrigation Institute Conference titled: Embracing Innovation: The Next Generation.  There were several stimulating sessions mainly focusing on the role of innovation and technological advancement in irrigated agriculture in California. One observation in particular centered on the…
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