H2oTech had the pleasure of exhibiting the RemoteTracker this Monday and Tuesday (2/4 and 2/5) at the 51st Annual California Irrigation Institute Conference titled: Embracing Innovation: The Next Generation.  There were several stimulating sessions mainly focusing on the role of innovation and technological advancement in irrigated agriculture in California.

One observation in particular centered on the incredible importance of the meaning behind seemingly simple terms like ‘use’ and ‘efficiency.’  In many ways, we can easily talk right past each other if we don’t take the time to clearly and concisely define exactly what we mean when we use terms such as these.  For example, many presenters employed the term ‘water use’ in a manner that was synonymous with ‘water delivery,’ while others further defined ‘water use’ into two distinct components: ‘consumptive use’ and ‘non-consumptive use.’  There is no doubt that the struggle for water use efficiency in California is a delicate and nuanced subject, but we have little hope for mutual understanding, much less progress, if we don’t spend the time to clearly articulate the meaning behind our words.

Thanks to all who stopped by the H2oTech booth!