Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Measurement with a single click?

A: Yes, that is our goal.

Q: What type of SmartPhones does the MobileTracker work with?

A: The app is currently available for iPhones, and the Android app will be available in December 2013.

Q: How does MobileTracker identify the current site?

A: Each photograph collected is linked to the current GPS location. The centralized server has a list of sites and the corresponding latitude and longitude. This information is processed to determine the current location, which is displayed to the user for verification.

Q: How does your system distinguish between sites that are close together?

A: In addition to GPS data, the MobileTracker also uses compass direction to differentiate between sites.  In the case of sites in close proximity where the GPS information alone is not enough (i.e. within 25 feet or so), the compass heading associated with the photo is used.  In this way we can associate any site to the correct location in the database.

Q: What type of database is the information stored in?

A: The photographs, photographic meta data, and extracted information (e.g. water level) is stored in an SQL database located on an secure enterprise level server in the same country as the respective customer.  Our database is optimized around pictures and many existing customer databases are not designed for this.  As a service, we store the pictures, and these are always available via an internet connection.  The measurement data (e.g. site, datetime, water level, flow rate, etc.) can be pushed in real time to several third party databases including Hydstra, WISKI, Aquarius, and FEWS.  All pictures and measurements are property of the customer and may not be used for anything other than services for the customer. 

Q: Is the MobileTracker compliant with SBx7-7 (CCR 23 §597)?

A: Yes, in many cases. Click here for additional details.

Q: What equipment remains at the measurement site?

A: The only equipment left on site is a staff gage. No moving parts, no fancy electronics.

Q: Can measurement data be integrated into other water data management platforms?

A: Yes, data collected with the MobileTracker can be easily integrated into a range of water data management platforms ranging from SQL databases, to Hydstra, WISKI, and FEWS.