In addition to measuring water levels and flows for critical flow devices (i.e. flumes, weirs, etc.), we are excited about the following applications that are currently in development:


  • Gate position measurement (e.g. meter gates, constant head orifice, overshot or undershot gates, etc.)
  • ITRC weir stick measurements
  • Groundwater level
  • Digital or analog meter readings (e.g. propeller meters, water quality meters, etc.)
  • Precipitation and temperature

Once a reliable and accurate stream of hydrologic data is being collected, it’s time to start thinking about feeding the information back to water managers in an easily accessible format. For water purveyors, this might mean the ability to easily view a graph or table of historic delivery rates for a given site. Or, perhaps the next step might be integrating the water ordering system with the flow measurement data. If water demands are combined with current water delivery rates, operators can be provided with the required changes in flow rates for different geographic extents within their distribution system (i.e. laterals, canals, or entire divisions/routes/beats/rides).

We are currently in the process of refining the essence of this data feedback mechanism through interviews with dozens of potential users. Through these interviews, we plan to develop a SmartPhone or Tablet based tool that will meet the most pressing needs of water purveyors in the West. This will include functionality for water ordering, in addition to an online water user portal.