System Overview

FLOW data from all your fields in one easy to access spot.

FLOW enables you, the Grower, to interact with up to date water delivery information for all your fields at anytime, from anywhere, on any smartphone, tablet, or computer.  FLOW is available for Water Districts using the RemoteTracker for collecting farm gate flow measurement data.

Benefits of FLOW include:

  • Real-Time – Provides Growers the ability to access up-to-date water delivery data for their fields at any time on any device.
  • Secure – All data is password protected and Growers can only see data from the fields they are farming.
  • Aggregates – Water delivery data for fields in Districts using the RemoteTracker are all available in one easy to access spot.
  • Direct Access – Removes the District from the loop so that Growers can access their own data on their own schedule.
  • Saves District Labor – District staff don’t need to manually respond to each Grower(s) data request.
  • Data Review – Growers have the ability to review and quality control their own data prior to receiving bills so that problems can be addressed proactively instead of re-actively.
  • Limited Allocations – Helps administration of limited allocations during drought years.


FLOW enables you to make critical water management decisions, and provides the information needed for wise stewardship of our water resources.

The selection period, District, and Field can be customized for each report.  A Summary is initially presented in a tabular format showing:

  • Last Flow Data – Current flow to the field in cubic feet per second (cfs), in addition to the date and time of the most recent measurement
  • Water Delivery Summary – Crop, Acreage, Cumulative volume delivered for the period selected in acre-feet (AF), and Application depth in acre-feet per acre for all fields selected
  • Water Allocation Summary – Total Acreage, Allotment, Volume Delivered, etc. in the case that the fields selected have a fixed water allocation

In addition to the tabular summaries, graphical summaries of Daily Flows (cfs) and Monthly Volumes (AF) can also be selected.



If you are unsure of the location of the selected field, and Field Map is available:


Mobile views: